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    We will provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship – your satisfaction guaranteed! All the services we provide are backed by the highest standards of quality and outstanding customer service.

    Our business is built on the principles of integrity and reliability, and as the best concrete contractor in the Rochester, Minnesota area, we always strive to build trust to ensure the job gets done.

    We strive for the best cast concrete, concrete edging, concrete curbs and general concrete contractor Rochester MN. Each of our contractors has years of experience in concrete and cement projects and is fully licensed and insured. Our team of experts are highly skilled professionals who can tackle any type of project we can work with you on. We take your budget and deadlines seriously and will work within them. Call us for high-quality local Rochester Concrete that residents and businesses rely on.


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    Rochester Concrete has years of experience serving Rochester and the surrounding areas. 

    Brown House with new concrete patio


    Everyone loves a beautiful outdoor living space. Adding a concrete patio to your backyard is an excellent way to upgrade your backyard. Building a patio can also add value to your home. Don't you want to have a large space in your backyard to entertain family and friends? Concrete patios are a great option for creating your dream backyard living space, and as a leading concrete company, Rochester, MN can offer a wide variety of styles and designs. You can go with something more decorative, like a classic concrete slab patio or stamped concrete patio. We would love to work with you to build the patio you are looking for.

    Tan double story house with new concrete driveway and walkway to front door


    If you plan to install a new ramp, there are several factors to consider. When building a driveway, most people choose between concrete and asphalt. Your home's driveway is an important aspect of your home's image and value, so the materials you choose should be chosen carefully. Choosing a concrete driveway is the right decision for many homeowners because of its numerous advantages. We are pleased that Rochester MN provides reliable concrete ramps and installs, replaces, repairs and maintains concrete ramps. In addition to the standard concrete driveway available, a variety of trim styles are available. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of Rochester's local favorite concrete driveways.

    man spraying off new concrete walkway in a backyard


    Outdoor areas of the property must be easily and safely accessible. Wouldn't it be great if sidewalks and stairs could coordinate well to increase curb appeal and property value? If this is the result you want, call Rochester Concrete MN today to book a free project quote!

    brown concrete retaining wall around green grass and a blue sky

    retaining walls

    Concrete block retaining walls are an ideal solution for controlling erosion, clearing slopes, creating plant beds or leveling patio spaces. Our retaining walls are durable enough to withstand all weather conditions. Like a solid partition wall, once a retaining wall is installed, the partition wall becomes a durable structure.

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    If you're looking for something classic, you can always use traditional gray concrete for your driveway. But if you're interested in adding a little spice and getting creative with your driveway, there are plenty of trim options to choose from.

    retaining walls

    Retaining walls are an affordable way to increase the value of your home. It is also very versatile as it can contain colors, textures, prints or various design objects.


    We believe outdoor living spaces are just as important as indoor living spaces. After all, developing a backyard patio is an affordable way to increase the square footage of entertaining space in your home!

    stamped concrete

    Stamped concrete has become a popular choice for modern homeowners and commercial owners. This style of decorative concrete involves stamping wet concrete to achieve the desired style/aesthetic.

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    Here are some of the benefits of considering concrete as the building material for your exterior walkways and stairs. 

    “Unfortunately, we were surprised when the concrete stairs collapsed. I called Rochester Concrete then and heard about the speed and quality of the work and was not disappointed. They were fast and efficient and fixed it before we knew it. Got the stairs. It was amazing, we will definitely use it again and would recommend it to our family and friends!”
    Amy L.
    "Before looking for Rochester Concretemn, my impression was that stamped concrete was expensive and unaffordable. Luckily a friend introduced us here and they came to the rescue. Their contractor drove a car and gave it to me A reasonable estimate. We have designs and we talk to our neighbors!"
    Kristin J.
    "When we moved into our new home, the driveway started to have issues. Cracks started to spread and we knew it needed to be fixed ASAP. We called Rochester Concretemn and had our driveway and driveway assessed within a few hours.", and gave me Estimated repairs. Once I got to work, it was done quickly and proficiently. If we have any more specific questions at home, we will get back to you as soon as possible. "
    Chuck D.
    Concrete Apron on driveway
    Our Project

    Featured Works

    Take a look at one of our  apron projects. We surgically remove and replace on what is needed to repair you driveway so you don’t pay any extra.


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    Feel free to find answers to frequently asked questions below. Just click on a question to see the answer.

    With proper care and care, concrete should last 20 years or more.

    Although the terms are often used interchangeably, cement is a component of concrete, which is a mixture of sand, gravel or crushed stone and grass. Cement makes up 10-15% of the mixture. When people hear “cement sidewalk” or “cement mixer”, it should be changed to appropriate terms like “concrete sidewalk” and “concrete mixer”.

    Do not. Because there is no safe deicer in concrete. De-icing can cause flaking, so normal sand should be used for de-icing.

    Cracks occur when the shrinkage force is greater than the strength of the concrete. This can be seen as a time war between two phenomena: evaporation of water and increase in concrete strength. This also applies to non-deformable concrete parts.

    You might be tempted to roll up your sleeves to save money, mix concrete, and do your own concrete projects, but most of your time is spent preparing the project. From planning a complete and realistic budget, to considering enlisting the help of a professional concrete contractor at specific stages of your project, to making sure your project is acceptable to your local permitting office, there is still a lot of work to do before you start mixing grey matter ! Pouring and finishing concrete is a daunting task, and for most homeowners, the convenience of hiring a contractor often outweighs the temptation of the challenge.

    Like other materials, the volume of concrete changes slightly as it dries (about 1/16 of an inch at 10 feet). That’s why we install joints on concrete pavements, floors, and other products so that they branch directly from the joint.

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    When you need one of the best Rochester Concrete MNs, we’re ready to handle any project you have, big or small. Our team of residential Rochester concrete contractors can handle both residential and commercial projects. When you trust our projects, we will provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship – your satisfaction is guaranteed! All the services we provide are backed by the highest standards of quality and outstanding customer service. No matter what type of cement project you have, we can assure you that Rochester Concrete is right for you.

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